BattleWhip IM & OR Eging Series

The project of renewing “BattleWhip” series have been started since 2019 to be adjusted boat eging scene which being developed day by day.
We take advantage of skill, knowledges and experiences of designing fishing rod to shape the lineup of TipRun series, Ikametal series and also Omorig※ which are adjusted to segmentalized game.
Although we have chosen carbon solid tip first time ever as YAMAGA Blanks for TipRun series and Ikametal series, these are not only that.
We have pursued not only sensitiveness but also high comfortability for casting and manipulating exactly like Bluecurrent series.
All of these models have given own specialized character one by one to make angler sense slightly changes which is transmitted through blanks.
※Omorig is one of the method of Eging which cast sinker with small size of egi.

BattleWhip IM / IKAMETAL Model
We have totally renewed Ika Metal series which have been reconsidered design of blanks and tip section that have been switched glass solid to carbon solid.
New Ika Metal series have been well balanced to achieve comfortable manipulate feeling and versatility that is enable you to jerking, shaking, posing, slow lifting and slow falling at your will. Although blanks of these have been finished very light and fine, enough power have been loaded to cover various situation and seasons.

BattleWhip OR / Omorig Model
This OR model have been designed to aim monster squid which is hidden the edge of lighting or conquer the tough situation that squid hardly take your egi at all.
You can cast sinker with small size of egi to reach the point where the squid might be there and you can give it action exactly as you have planned.
BattleWhip OR can be thrown with under hand to get distance while taking advantage of that length and also good to be used in rapid current. The potential of versatilities is hidden in blanks of these models to reflect your imaginations.


BattleWhip IM 69S

Lure: MAX 90g

Line: PE 0.4~0.8

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BattleWhip IM 69B

Lure: Egi MAX110g

Line: PE 0.4~0.8

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BattleWhip OR 72/C

Lure: Sinker Weight: CAST MAX 150g ※Under Cast Only

Line: Max PE 1

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BattleWhip IM & OR Bending Curve Load 130g

These are comparison image of BattleWhip IM & OR which are loaded 130g weight on tip section.
Although same blanks are used for spinning and overhead, you might feel that overhead is little stiffer than spinning because of specification of components. Although IM series have been loaded carbon solid tip, OR model have been loaded tubular tip to be enable you to cast with underhand comfortably.
BattleWhip IM series have been designed to aim squid which is staying deep sea just under the boat with high sensitiveness. OR model have moderate stiffness and high repulsive force to be enable you to cast sinker comfortably and sense slightly changes of situation and vital information to strike on your own timing.

※Precaution for carbon solid tip model
As we have mentioned, TR&IM series have been loaded carbon solid tip. The material of carbon solid tip is extremely delicate and fragile. So please careful with shock of impact and handle gentry when you fish and shored them with care. Although you can fish in properly use with them, it might be cause of breakage of carbon solid tip if you retrieve your lure too much or wind up knot into top guide.