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How to maintain EVA grip

※This article was issued on 9th of March 2016

Hello guys!!

Although most of anglers might know it already, we are going to give you tips of maintaining
of EVA grips.
EVA stand for ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer which is used for matless or sole of slippers.
It is used for not only grip of fishing rod but also knob of reel in category of fishing tackle.
There are several kinds of colors, hardness as EVA material for fishing equipment.
If that helps, YAMAGA Blanks have black and camo, couple of kind of hardness is selected for grip of fishing rod.

Of course, EVA grip will get stain and grime on surface and it becomes very slippery.
First of all, wash EVA grip with warm water after fishing.

“warm water” removes salt on EVA easily.
Most of stain and grime will be removed after you just washed them.
If there are some remained, you better use sanitizing wipes.

These tips work well for cork grip as well.


↑See how is differences!!

Next how to remove shine

EVA grip with shininess.↓



If you keep fishing for long time, EVA will become shine like this.

The reason why EVA became shine after long time periods of fishing is pressure that is applied by your finger while fishing and surface of EVA become flat.

Magnified view






As you can see, gap of surface has been squished and it is so slippery for sure.

So, to remove that shininess, you just have to sand surface.



You have to prepare…

Masking tape

Sand paper #320


First of all, put masking tape on real seat, metal parts and blanks to reduce the risk of scratching   ↓


Then sand on surface.

Sand with #320 on surface evenly to get smoothness.

if you wish to customize the shape of EVA, better use #200 first then use #320 for finishing.




Wipe up and burn excess on surface lightly with lighter.

You can get EVA as good as mint condition if you just do this maintenance once in two months.

Please use lighter with care.

Please keep proper distance between fire and EVA to reduce the risk of burning too much.

Please put fire away from reel seat and blanks.

Thank you very much for choosing us from so many choices of fishing rod.

We hope that you are going to fish with it for long time periods and we are going to give you tips and support for it with pleasure.

Please keep it in your mind that if you try to do these maintaining which we introduced is just one of way.

We hope you understand that you perform this maintaining at your own risk.


Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.