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How to connect joint section

How to connect joint section
※from precautions for use on our web site

Our products (more than 2 pics) have joint section which is designed with special taper fit to make use of potential of materials.

So sometimes we get inquiry about looseness on joint section that might be cause of breakage of
fishing rod.
As a image below, we recommend your to put them together while twisting #1 and #2 not only
putting them just straightly to reduce the risk of looseness of joint.

Please make sure that nothing on joint section when you put them together because if there are
sands or else, that might be cause of fixation of joint.

And please make sure that your hand should be next to joint as close as you can.

(please do not grub guides)

If you grub guide to twist blanks, frame of guides is going to be distorted. (image on right)

Besides if you put ferrule wax on joint section, the chance of looseness might be increased.

That is reason why we do not recommend you to put ferrule wax.

Yet we presented you explanations about maintaining and treating of joint section, this will not help you to avoid chance of looseness perfectly.

Of course, we know that there are lots of uncertainties depends on each angler.

We would like to say that making sure the joint while fishing is necessary.

Once in several times of casting, please make sure that joint is connected each other properly to reduce the chance of looseness.