New BlueSniper Shore Casting Series

We have honed the standard ability of the rod to capitalize on the limited chances presented to the anglers.

With the renewed “Blue Sniper” series to target blue-runners, we wish for anglers to IGNITE their inner fire.
We hope to create an attractive and capable rod which will IGNITE the inner fires of those anglers who have slowly faded away from the harsh environment and bring them back to the field.

So, what do we need?

Our solution was to develop a flawless rod with the ability to easily cast and handle.

Anglers tend to seek pure power in rods designed to target blue-runners off the rocks, though it is our belief that casting ability is the most important factor when targeting these species. It goes without saying that our rods have power, but with the ability to cast stress free, it is a great advantage to the angler as s/he will be able to cast all day long without getting physically exhausted while having the ability to consistently cast long distances. This is what we sought for, “castability” and “handling”.

The high level of basic performance is what will help anglers conquer the unforgiving blue-runner game.

We hope you will reignite your inner fire with these reborn Blue Sniper models by “continuously” cast throughout the day. This is what we wish for.


BlueSniper 103ML-M

Lure: Plug 20~50g Jig Max 80g

Line: MAX PE 3

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BlueSniper 100M-MH

Lure: Plug 30~80g Jig Max 120g

Line: MAX PE 4

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BlueSniper 96H

Lure: Jig Max 150g Plug 60~120g

Line: MAX PE 6

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BlueSniper PL109MH

Lure: Plug 30~80g Jig Comfort ~80g

Line: MAX PE 4

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BlueSniper PL106H

Lure: Plug 50~120g / Jig Comfort ~100g

Line: MAX PE 6

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BlueSniper Bending Curves Load 3kg

The picture illustrates the bending curve of the 5 models in the Blue Snipper series with a static load of 3kg. The new Blue Snipper blank power is measured in repulsive force, not stiffness, so the bending curve may not exactly fit your image when in use.

The 103ML-M is a comprehensive rod with L+ML+M class powered combined together. The whole rod is designed to bend over for a more delicate skillful fight compared to a head-to head fight.

The butt power in the 96H looks similar to the 100M-MH with the static load, but be rest assured, the repulsive force of the blank when fighting the fish is a H class power, as the short length blank was designed to lightly control the lure with ease.