SeaWalk Taijigging(2022年生産終了) Discontinued product / 生産終了品 Series

※Discontinued in 2021
The lure game targeting snappers with Tai-Rubber and Tai-jigs require the use of light lines to reduce the effect of water pressure and strong currents. The unique style of fishing will be productive with the Tai-rubber one day and only bite Tai-jigs on another. That’s why people are so attracted to this snapper game and the reason for the development of our lineup of models.
The SeaWalk Tai-rubber models are highly sensitive to efficiently transmit the subtle changes in the current and pursuit of fish through the blank. The flexible tip will lead to a proper bite and the strong butt section will allow anglers to go head-to -head with the biggest of snappers out there.
In contrast, the SeaWalk Tai-jig models are built to lightly maneuver the jigs with ease and then powerful belly and butt section will successfully set hook in the hard mouth of the snapper.

SeaWalk Taijigging SWTJ-75ML(2021年生産終了)

Lure: Jig 20~100g

Line: PE0.6~1.5

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SeaWalk Taijigging SWTJ-611ML(2021年生産終了)

Lure: Jig 40~120g

Line: PE0.8~1.5

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SeaWalk Taijigging SWTJ-63M(2021年生産終了)

Lure: Jig 60~150g

Line: PE1~2号

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SeaWalk Taijigging SWTJ-75L NANO (2020年生産終了)

Lure: Jig 10~80g

Line: PE0.4~1

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