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Galahad EPR is designed for jigging with electrically powered reel as you can see its name. Flexibility of tip section and toughness of but section as known as significant characteristic of Galahad EPR enable angler to jerk which you hardly do with regular type of overhead reel.
This series support anglers who are aiming yellowtail iThis method gives you not only reducing physical burden of anglers but also explore new possibility of jigging.
We believe that you will never be disappointed for sure.


Galahad 電 for Electric Reel Bending Curve

Galahad 電 for Electric Reel Load Comparison

To absorb the impact of power  loading by electric reel, blank of this series have been designed to become more seamless even on continuous supply of loading. These have kind of parabolic action so good to be fished with manual overhead reel as well.

●About weight of loading
The image of 1kg load shows you the bend curve when you jerk jig. And other images are weight as drug max and weight in between of them. Rods are held on the angle that you are supposed to keep it when you are fighting with fish.

※These images are not illustrated on the full potential or characteristics of rods.
Please understand that those pictures are taken under the limited situation.
It was loaded with weight on rods gently.

Galahad 633B電動 Bait Model


Galahad 633B電 (Overhead reel Model)
If you are going to aim small sized Blue Runner with PE 3, this 633 would be perfect choice.
Even though automatic reeling at constant speed, flexibility of tip and berry section will help you to Jerk jig comfortably and set hook on with less failure.
It will be bent very much when fish on, but you can fight with fun without any worry. You will be surprised that potential which is hidden inside of blank of 633 itself for sure.

FieldDepth of~100m
Length Weight Section Lure Line Carbon Price JAN CODE
1925mm 200g 1pc Jig~150g MAX PE3号 88.5%

DragMax : 4kg Guide SiC-S Stainless frame K Guide(Fuji)
リールシート:TCS18(Fuji) ※Suitable reel size:DAIWA #150~#300/SHIMANO #800~#2000

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Galahad 633B

Galahad 624B電動 Bait Model


Galahad 624B電 (Overhead reel Model)
This is standard jigging rod for EPR to aim bluerunner around 5kg. You can be reeling with any speed thanks to nice and flexible tip section, then you can give the action to jig at your own will. If you hooked bluerunner more than 10kg, you do not have to worry about anything! It will enable you to keep it under control without being anxious. We believe that it may be allowed to call almighty jigging rod for EPR and we want anglers all over the world to fish with it.

FieldDepth of~150m
Length Weight Section Lure Line Carbon Price JAN CODE
1905mm 199g 1pc Jig~250g MAX PE 5 93.1%

DragMax : 6.5kg Guide:SiC-S Stainless frame K Guide(Fuji) Reel Seat:TCS18(Fuji)
Suitable Electrically powaerd reel size:DAIWA #300~#500 / SHIMANO #2000~3000

Galahad 586B電動 Bait Model


Galahad 586B電 (Overhead reel Model)
If you are going to aim king fish or yellow tail over 10kg we recommend you to choose this monster hunter. You can give action to jig around 300g in 100m depth of the sea effectively.It is going to help you to jerk heavy jig without any burden or stress and to fight with big fish with huge advantage thanks to its flexibility, toughness, and versatility. Fulcrum point is going to move to butt section when you fight It is not just stiff rod, you can use it feel like your arm for sure.

FieldDepth of~200m
Length Weight Section Lure Line Carbon Price JAN CODE
1740mm 269g 1pc Jig~350g Max PE6 93.8%

Modification of weight on specification
The signage of self-weight on products tag, HP and products catalog of Galahad 586B for Electric Reel have been modified from 222g to 269g (From May 2021)

DragMax : 10kg Giude : SiC Ocean Guide(Fuji)
Reel Seat: TCS18(Fuji) ※Suitable reel size:DAIWA around #500/SHIMANO #3000~#4000