BattleWhip TR Eging Series

3 types of BattleWhip TR series which have been given original character is lined up to cover various situations of TipRun eging scene.
Anglers will enjoy to feel differences of sensitivity and speed of settle of tip section without unwanted wobble. If you pursue versatility, we recommend you to TR73/S. You can control speed of fall or angle with TR73/S while taking advantage of its length. Although TR69/D is most powerful rod in this series to aim monster squid, this is not just stiff rod. You can fish with it in rapid current, deep area and various situations which you are required quickness without any stress. And TR63/N. This is for anglers who pursue high sensitivity, manipulate ability and speed of settle on tip section without unwanted wobble.
Tip sections let you know slightly touch of squid visually and transmit vital information to your finger through blanks very clearly. Smooth bending curve and less wobbles on tip section make sensitiveness of blanks increase.


BattleWhip TR63/N Type-N / No Look

Lure: Egi 30~60g

Line: PE 0.4~0.8

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BattleWhip TR73/S Type-S / Shallow

Lure: Egi 20~40g

Line: PE 0.4~0.8

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BattleWhip TR69/D Type-D / Deep

Lure: Egi 50~80g

Line: PE 0.6~1

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BattleWhip TR Bending Curve Load 200g

69/D is most powerful to cover deep area. 73/S is versatile model for shallow area and you can cast with it as well. 63/N is most sensitive stick in this series to transmit information you could not sense before.

※Precaution for carbon solid tip model
As we have mentioned, TR&IM series have been loaded carbon solid tip. The material of carbon solid tip is extremely delicate and fragile. So please careful with shock of impact and handle gentry when you fish and shored them with care. Although you can fish in properly use with them, it might be cause of breakage of carbon solid tip if you retrieve your lure too much or wind up knot into top guide.