Galahad Slow(2021年生産終了) Discontinued product / 生産終了品 Series

SlowPitch Model Bending Curve

A rod that is stiff or soft is of no use if it’s unable to perform to its design. Slow pitch rods require a certain ‘taut’ and flexibility in order to work the jig and makes it drop as intended. For these, the Galahad series have been carefully designed with our cutting edge technology so as to prevent loss of momentum and rhythm when working on the jigs.

Galahad 63/1 Slow

Lure: Comfort Weight 80g※

Line: ~Pe 1

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Galahad 63/2 Slow

Lure: Jig Comfort Weight 120g※

Line: ~PE 1.5

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Galahad 63/3 Slow

Lure: Jig Comfort Weight 160g※

Line: ~PE 2

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Galahad 62/3 Slow

Lure: Jig Comfort Weight 200g※

Line: ~PE 2

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Galahad 62/4 Slow

Lure: Jig Comfort Weight 250g※

Line: ~PE 2.5

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Galahad 73/4 LongFall (2017年生産終了)

Lure: Comfort Weight 250g※

Line: ~Pe 2.5

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Galahad Slow Comparison Load 1kg

Fix Galahad slow series with 15 degrees angle and load 1kg weight on it. The bending curve as you can see from these images, according to power specification of each rod, except 63/3 and 62/3 which have been designed differ in their stiffness on the belly to butt section.

Although Galahad Slow jigging series have been designed to be skinny, it have been loaded toughness and strength on blank itself. So you will be able to give jig various action as such as slow pitch jerk to lure selective fish. If you jerk in slow pitch mainly, we recommend you to take 63/1, 63/2 or 63/3.
Otherwise 62/3 and 62/4 will be recommended to search bottom of the sea with inchiku or else. And 73/4 for Long fall Slow Jigging have been set to become stiffest in this series to search bottom with many structures aggressively.

These images are not illustrated on the full potential or characteristics of rods. Please understand that these pictures are taken under the limited situation, it was loaded with weight on rods gentry.