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YB Landing Handle・Stay

YB Landing Handle・Stay
■Material: Stainless(SUS316L) ■Size︓W20mm×H44mm×D165mm ■Weight︓58g

The YB Landing Handle Stay can be attached to the YB Landing Handle (sold separately) to improve portability during wading.(This product does not come with a net handle)
By using stainless steel “SUS316L”, which has excellent rust and corrosion resistance and is also used in the aerospace field, it has a shape that supports smooth landing even in hard use.

In addition, the logo of “YAMAGA Blanks” is laser-engraved on the surface of front face of the stay.

It can be used not only for the YB landing handle, but also for other companies’ products (*), so you can use it with shaft that you are using.
*Although it can be equipped on other companies’ products, there are some products that do not fit.
*Not compatible with draw-out type shafts.





It is easy to hook around D-rings and belts such as life jackets, and can be smoothly attached and detached even when worn around the neck or waist.
Please enjoy the comfortable wading game in various styles by installing the YB landing handle stay.