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【2023 New Model】 YAMAGA Blanks 88 CHAIN~Characteristic~

We’d like to introduce you to our new model called ” YAMAGA Blanks 88 CHIAN”

Our developmental concept was to create a “high-performance spare rod capable of connecting different fields”.

This project was triggered when we were targeting blue runners off the rocks.
Utilizing strong PE4~8 lines, powerful rods, large reels, and heavy lures to target blue runners off the rocks, we needed a break from casting with the heavy setup.
We wanted to go after smaller by-catches for a little break. With the vast variety of subspecies – including rock-fish, squid, and blackfin seabass – it meant that we would need to take that many different types of rods.
This was the beginning of the journey to create the ultimate “spare-rod” able to go after various sub-targets.

There were many twists and turns during the testing of the rod to achieve the high-spec characteristics required for such a concept.
Initially created as a “spare rod” for rocky land-based fishing, through rigorous testing and pursuit for greatness, it soon became a rod capable of connecting different fields (break-water, river mouths, ports, and the vast surf). Basically, a rod you want to take everywhere.

■Characteristics of YAMAGA Blanks 88 CHAIN
①Refined performance to master a wide range of target fish and various lures without stress
The Yamaga Blanks 88 Chain was developed with versatility in mind. Minimal effort is required for a desirable casting
distance, allowing targeting of various species with various kinds of lures, ranging from a 10g plug to metal jigs of a weight
range of 40g, achieving better distance. From small targets such as small seabass and black bream to blue runners in the 5kg
size range; the 88 chain is an all-rounder with a strong backbone and parabolic blank.

②A blank design that changes gears according to the target fish and lure used with a double taper design
The Yamaga Blanks 88 Chain is designed with a double-tapered blank that adapts to the force applied to the blank under
load. With this unique blank design, the ease of transition to different fishing styles and lures used according to the target.

●As a versatile model, the 2-stage powered gear (the apex of the bend and the fulcrum of the repulsive force) plays an active role in
handling various lure sizes and types. When casting a small lure or casting with a small form, it will enter the 1st powered gear and push
the lure smoothly. Next, when casting a jig or plug such as heavyweight with a pendulum, bend from the second-stage powered gear and
push out the lure with even stronger force.

●In a fight with a small target such as a black sea bream, the power gear in the first stage is effective, and the flexibility of blanks that
bend smoothly enable you to set the hook in the target’s mouth while reducing the risk of letting it off the hook. Furthermore, in
the case of a large target exceeding 3 kg, the second power gear on the butt section is activated. A huge power is activated from the butt
section while bending smoothly, and it transforms into a rod that stands out for its excellent performance that allows you to control it as
you wish without losing the initiative to the target.

③A new style of “88 CHAIN” spreads by using a combination with the exclusive rod
The Yamaga Blanks 88 Chain is designed with a double-tapered blank that allows the usage of a wider range of lures. This
unique blank design facilitates the transition of lures used to accommodate different fishing styles through a single rod
regardless of areas such as surf, rocky shorelines, or rivers.

How is the 88 chain different from other models? (Models with similar rod specs)
The biggest difference between YAMAGA Blanks 88 CHIAN and similar rod spec models and rods that aim for the same
target is the versatility and usability of the above double taper design blanks.

<Compare to EARLY 86MH for Rock>
Although the rod specs such as the lure and line used are very similar, this model is basically aimed at rockfish and is
intended for use with rigs, so it has more stiffness(Fast taper compared to 88CHAIN) blank than the 88 CHAIN.
The grip is also designed to be shorter than the 88 CHAIN to make it easier to operate the fine action at the bottom.

<Compare to Eging rods>
The 88 chain is a rod with a sensitivity that can be used for eging, but it is not intended for eging as the main game.
It is a model that can respond to the situation where you want to cast an egi as a sub-rod, and it is greatly inferior in
operation response and sensitivity compared to a dedicated rod for eging.

Rod Details
Lure : 8-40g
Length: 2650mm (CL: 1355mm)
Weight: 138g
Section: 2pcs(Spigot Ferrule)
Guide: SiC-S Titanium frame K Guide+SiC Titanium frame RV Guide(Fuji)
Reel seat: DPS17・BACK STOP Double-Lock Nut(Fuji)
Grip: Length 530mm
*About 410mm from reel foot to end of grip when the reel is equipped

Suitable reel size:

Recommended Field: Rocks・Sandy Shore・Estuary・Port

Recommended Targets:
・Blue Runner (amberjack ~3 kg/yellowtail ~5kg)
・Small-sized migrant (bonito, Spanish mackerel, dolphinfish)
・Various rockfish (~2kg)
・Red sea bream
・Large squid
・Sea bass
・Blackfin seabass
・Black sea bream

Recommended Lure:
Metal jig
Top water plug
Jig head
Soft plastic lure
Egi from #3.5

The 88CHAIN was released on Aug.8th.2023
Please contact our authorized dealers in your region if you are interested.

Check it out!!