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【2023 New Model】YAMAGA BLANKS 88 CHAIN ~Concept~


The new product of 2023 which is on the top of product catalog and website,
We believe that many anglers are curious about it.
So, we are going to introduce why we have decided to develop it, how we develop it,
what is the concept, and whom we made it for on this blog.


The beginning of 88 CHAIN
Why we have decided to start developing YAMAGA BLANKS 88 CHAIN?
That was quite simple demand.
“It is nothing to do on the rocks when I waiting for migration of blue runner”
“Although, I would like to aim various target but blue runner, I do not want to take 3 or 4 rods with me”
“I wish I could aim rockfish, black fin seabass, squid or small blue runner on the rocks with just one rod”
This is the reason why we have decided to develop 88 CHAIN.
But it is easy if you just say what you want to have.
Of course, we knew that it is going to be really hard and difficult to develop.


Equipped enough power to fish with PE 2
(Available to aim blue runner up to 3kg and black fin seabass)
※Because it is common situations when you fish on the rocks.

Blanks that have lightness and sharpness.
※Wish to keep physical capacity for aiming blue runner.

Wish to aim many kinds of regionality and seasonality target.
※Capacity to aim various kind of target other than blue runner.

Fish with various method such as metal jig, plugs, plastic warm or egi.
※Wish to adjust the lure to bait pattern and condition of the sea.

Wish to get long distance anyway.
※Wish to deliver the lure to feeding spot even if it is far away from shore line.

These are demands that compose the concept of 88 CHAIN.
The hardest element we had to decide was the length,
Our answer was 8ft 8inch that is not too long and not too short.


New style the high-dimensional basic performance provides
The blanks of this 88 CHAIN which is equipped new material and techniques
accumulatedfor a long time achieved lightness and sharpness, besides castability
to get long distance.
SiC-S titanium frame guides and RV guide on butt section are equipped to
get distance stably.
This new rod become way too good for substitute rod.
88 CHAIN, there is no substitute as a spinning rod for shore game.

The lightness you feel when you grub it.
The sharpness you sense when you cast lure with it.
The distance you can get even if you cast lure with low input of power.
High repulsive force and flexibility support you when you manipulate lure.
Huge power on butt section without losing sensitivity on tip section.
These are essential elements which is necessary to build excellent rod.
And these are what we are always pursuing.
We felt that we got one step closer to it when we actually fish with 88 CHAIN.

Tell that truth, we were wondering which categories were the best to be fit
at that time.
We thought that it was quite hard choice.

if we were to describe, it is hybrid of various category which belongs nowhere.
The person who is from product development suggested one thing then.

“Why don’t we name this compilation of our work as YAMAGA BLANKS.”

Umm…it is very interesting idea, isn’t it?
Everyone attended meeting thought so.

Because we believe that it should not belongs to any other category
and we should keep it just one and only.
This is the result we have reached.

That is how we name it “YAMAGA BLANKS 88”

Besides, we felt strongly that YAMAGA BLANKS 88 will be able to be
the main rodon the various kind of fields.
So we gave it “CHAIN” for meaning to link the every field and various target to
anglers via YAMAGA BLANKS 88.

Although, the main concept of YAMAGA BLANKS 88 CHAIN is substitute rod for
shore casting game,this is the one that have high basic performance to be
used as main rod as we have explained already.


We believe that this is the one which provide you new style of fishing and
it will help you to reflect your imagination.


Basis of lure rod to enjoy fishing seriously and freely

Specs of YAMAGA BLANKS 88 CHAIN is Lure: 8~40g and Line: PE 0.8~2.

To make use of sharpness, operability and castability within a capacity of
specification, you can aim the target such as…


Blue runner(King fish・Amber jack up to 3kg / Yellowtail up to 5kg)

Small migratory fish(Bonito・Spanish mackerel・Dorado)

Rock fish kind(up to 2kg)

And more such as…
Red sea bream, Large squid, Seabass, Flatfish, Black fin seabass, Hairtail,
Black sea bream.
You can take it to anywhere such as rocks, port, wharf, sandy beach, river.

Our field staff reported with pictures of Black fin seabass, Red seabream,
and rock fish so far.

It can be worked for plugging game, light shore jigging, winding method
or games with plastic warm.

Of course you can use it for aiming squid yet, we recommend you to
take this when you aimlarge squid with size 3.5~4.0 of egi.

Although, we have lots more to describe about potential of this rod,
we are going to finish this session.

This can be the best buddy when you go to rocky shore, you can feel
the potential of it on sandy beach, it will be the one to aim a lunker seabass
on the river and you can get distance more thanyou expected on port and harbor.

We believe that the performance and potential which are hidden in the blanks of
YAMAGA BLANKS 88 CHAIN ignite your spirit to explore the new style of fishing.

We hope that the anglers who is always pursuing new styles and
techniques fish with this YAMAGA BLANKS 88 CHAIN once.
We are sure that you are not going to let it go then.


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