Lupus 511RF

  • Lure: ~4g
  • Line: ~3lb / PE ~0.4

Scheduled to be released in fall 2024
「This is the finesse model for use with ultra thin line and super light lures (micro spoons and small crank-baits).」

This is the finesse model of the 61RM for down-sizing your main lures. The rod possess a sensitive and flexible tip to belly section, capable of hooking up the subtlest bites of ultra light lures with a slow retrieval. The flexible blank will absorb the load and prevent the ultra thin line from bust offs and stretching of the super fine hooks.
Although it is a finesse model, the butt section has amble power for the unexpected big trout. It is most ideal for small~middle size ponds for close range fishing for numbers and those anglers who prefer a softer rod as their main rod.

●About recommended lures
This model is especially designed for use with super light micro spoons and micro crank-bait lures. With the use of ultra fine line and lures under 1g, anglers can induce a bite with a super slow retrieval. Although it is a super light sensitive rod, the underlying butt power will allow anglers to efficiently land large numbers of trout with larger 3g class spoons when the fish are on the bite. Once you take hold of this rod, we are confident that you will be able to feel the Yamaga Blanks spirit within.

■Length:1820mm ■Closed Length:930mm ■Weight:55g
■Section:2pcs(Put over Ferrule) ■Carbon:89%
■Guide:SiC-S Stainless frame K Guide(Fuji)
■Reel Seat:VSS16(Fuji)
■Grip:a.195mm / b.260mm

●Field:Fishing ponds
●Compatible lure:Micro spoon・Micro Crankbaits
●Style:Simple retrieval
●Suitable reel size:Daiwa #LT1000~2000 / Shimano #1000~C2000

※Sizes of rod a. Length from reel foot to end of grip when reel is equipped. b. Whole length of grip.
※Price: Please contact to our agent in your country or nearest country