Galahad 58/10 TRAVEX Spinning Model

  • Lure: ~320g
  • Line: ~Pe 6

This rod is the most powerful in the whole of our Yamaga Blanks jigging series. Yellow tails lurking below depths of 200m are no match for it. We conducted test at New Zealand, the haven for king fish and successfully landed a 30+kg without stressing the angler and once again proving the high reliability of our rods. This rod performs so well that you will quickly forget its butt jointed.

※We have adopted a tapered grip to improved reliability.  Please ensure the joints are properly.

■Length:1720mm ■Closed Length:1090mm ■Weight:303g
■Section:2pcs(Grip Joint) ■Carbon:90%
■Guide:SiC Stainless frame Ocean GuideFuji)
■Reel Seat:DPS20(Fuji)
■Grip:a.500mm / b.720mm


※Sizes of rod a. Length from reel foot to end of grip when reel is equipped. b. Whole length of grip.
※Price: Please contact to our agent in your country or nearest country.