Estuarine Glazer 60X 2016 Renewal (2020年生産終了)

  • Lure: Max 1-1/2 oz
  • Line: 10~25 lb

These single piece rods allow you to flick your lure accurately into zones that are heavy cover and control your lure with ease. Our new design features, split grip handles for lightness and maximize strength on the rods. Many tests were done on this rod to prove the rod sould not only fish but get your fish quickly out of snags or heavy cover snd without losing your fish.

■Length:1830mm ■Weight:127g
■Section:1pc ■Carbon:93.5%
■Guide:SiC stainless frame K guide(Fuji)
■Reel Seat:VSS17(Fuji)
■Grip:a.320mm / b.400mm

※Sizes of rod a. Length from reel foot to end of grip when reel is equipped. b. Whole length of grip.
※Price: Please contact to our agent in your country or nearest country