EARLY 610MH / Bait for Boat

  • Lure: 10~50g
  • Line: PE 1.2~2.5

EARLY 610MH/B (Overhead reel Model)
The rod is ideal to target rock-fish from boats. With the stiffness and sensitivity, anglers will be able to feel for bottom structures to effectively maneuver your rigs and induce the bite. The rod possesses high resilience and will efficiently rip the fish off the bottom structures to eliminate any bust offs. It is also a versatile rod able to handle various rigs including metal type jigs, vibration lures, deep-diving minnows, 40~50g joint type lures and even subsurface 150mm class minnows for seabass.

■Length:2100mm ■Closed Length:1080mm ■Weight:125g
■Section:2pcs(Put over Ferrule) ■Carbon:94.3%
■Guide:SiC stainless frame K guide(Fuji)
■Reel Seat:ACS17(Fuji)
■Grip:a.325mm / b.450mm

●Target:Seabass・Rock fish・Small sized Blue-runner・Flatfish
●Lure:Minnow・Joint lure・Pencil bait・Metal jig
●Suitable reel size:Daiwa / Shimano #150~200

※Sizes of rod a. Length from reel foot to end of grip when reel is equipped. b. Whole length of grip.
※Price: Please contact to our agent in your country or nearest country