BlueSniper PL109MH

  • Lure: Plug 30~80g Jig Comfort ~80g
  • Line: MAX PE 4

Scheduled to be released in spring 2024
『BlueSniper PL109MH "Type : PL [Plug] / Flexible Tip / Smooth Action for Pencil baits』

〈This is a technical model engineered with power, castability and delicate controllability. It was especially designed to maneuver diving pencils which require delicate actions induced by the angler through the control of the rod. 〉

While the 11ft length has given the rod outstanding casting distance, the well-balanced rod will allow anglers lightly control their hard lures with ease. The tip is flexible for anglers to smoothly control the diving pencils while the powerful butt section will shut out the thrashing of the fish. These combined attributes will be of great advantage to anglers in sticky situations where the large target species are reluctant to bite and require continued concentration from the angler. It is an ideal model for the hardcore anglers who want to alure the fish with surface and sub-surface lures.

■Length:3285mm ■Closed Length:1680mm ■Weight:321g
■Section:2pcs(Spigot Ferrule) ■Carbon:99.8%
■Guide:SiC-S Stainless frame K+SiC Ocean Guide(Fuji)
■Reel Seat:DPS20(Fuji) / Up lock
■Grip:a.515mm / b.730mm

●Target:Yellowtail 10kg or more・Kingfish & Greater amberjack~8kg
●Lure:Pencil bait・Minnow・Popper・Metal jig
●Suitable reel size:Daiwa & Shimano #8000~10000
●DragMax:6kg / 45°

※Sizes of rod a. Length from reel foot to end of grip when reel is equipped. b. Whole length of grip.
※Price: Please contact to our agent in your country or nearest country