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[2024 New Model] The evolution of “Blue Sniper Shore Casting Series”

“History and achievements of Blue Sniper”

We would like to introduce the shore casting series “Blue Sniper”, which will be
released in the spring of 2024.

First of all, if we look at the history of the Blue Sniper, Blue Sniper the first generation was released all the way back in 2009.

Since YAMAGA Blanks was established in 2008, we have continued to support
YAMAGA Blanks since its inception and have received the support of many anglers,
making it a series that we hold dear.

With the first model, we caught a 45kg kingfish and a large GT, and with the previous model, we caught multiple kingfish weighing nearly 20kg,
so it can be said that this is a series that has a proven by the results and reliability
over many years.
The Blue Sniper series has finally been fully renewed for the first time in six years.

The reason why it took a long time of 6 years from the previous model to renew it is
because we thought that there was no point in releasing it unless there was a major
improvement in the basic performance of the rod in the harsh rocky shore casting

Speaking of shore casting game, it is difficult to catch fish easily, and even if you do
catch a fish, you are forced to fight aggressively, or the field is poorly positioned,
which often puts more load on the rod than necessary.

“What is the necessary performance in the harsh rocky shore casting game?”

For the new Blue Sniper series, as a made-in-Japan blank manufacturer,
we are facing this question to see how far we can push the possibilities of blanks
made of carbon.

“What we have pursued from the new Blue Sniper”

Development of the renewed Blue Sniper series began with the aim of improving
the basic performance of “easy to cast” and  “easy to handle.”

“Easy to cast” and “easy to handle” may sound simple, but there are a variety of
factors that make up the core of a rod, such as material, taper design and balance.
This requires the design technology we have accumulated over the years,
and we developed it while reviewing the design, concept, and materials in order to
further evolve the product.

Speaking of carbon materials, there are various materials, including the
NANOALLOY® technology that was used in the previous model, but rod making
is not so simple that the material determines the entire rod performance.

Although the new Blue Sniper series also uses the latest materials, the design
and technical capabilities of the factory have a major influence on whether the
material’s performance is utilized or not.

Developing the new Blue Sniper was not easy, and when dealing with high elasticity
carbon materials, slightly differences in the design could result in extreme conditions
such as becoming too hard, so we had to repeatedly fine-tune the carbon blank with
the tester. Little by little, we are getting closer to the ideal rod.

In other words, the task was like installing a racing engine with the highest
horsepower and instantaneous power into a sports car that was intended to be
ridden smoothly, and the testers and designers were faced with a great deal of stress,
but the result was perfect.
When we got the sample our hands, we were so excited.

The completed model had overwhelming “casting performance” and was also easy
to handle, making it feel like a next-generation model. This casting performance does
not just mean that you can cast long distances, but also the ease of loading, the wide
range of release point, and the lightness that allows you to continue casting all day

This evolution in casting performance will become a major weapon for the
new blue sniper, especially in shore casting game where it is absolutely necessary to
keep casting lures while waiting for migratory movement of blue runner.
We can say this with confidence.

The blank, which has improved recovery force and is also easier to handle,
gives anglers many advantages in everything from casting, handling, fighting,
and landing.
I feel that this “control of recovery force” is the essence of the new Blue Sniper series.


Improved blank performance brought about by “Recovery force”

Some people feel that hard rods have more power and have better long-distance
casting performance.
Blue Sniper the first generation was such a stiff rod.

A stiff rod may be good for anglers who are confident in their physical strength
or who are used to fishing. However, with a stiff rod, the strength and physical
strength of the angler is important, and even if it is strong, it is easy to lose tension
during a fight, causing the fish to become too aggressive and increasing the risk of
hooking out.
If so, it will only achievement the support from some limited anglers.

Naturally, it is not a match in the current shore casting game scene where light shore
casting games are becoming particularly popular due to the evolution of tackle.

Therefore, with the new Blue Sniper, by reviewing the materials and design and
using the technical capabilities of our own factory, we expressed the strength
and ease of casting of the blank by “improving recovery force rather than stiffness”.

Although the text simply says “improving recovery force,” this evolution would have
been difficult without the technological capabilities of our own factory.

“What is the recovery force of the rod, not the stiffness or softness of the rod?”


It’s hard to convey in words, but we think it’s the force and speed with which the rod
tries to back to original position after it bends.

※Even when casting, the “recovery force” pushes out the lure and support the angler.

Since recovery force is not a measure of stiffness, the blank will bend neatly
if a load is applied.

For example, when casting, you can bend the blank with small amount of loading,
so you can cast a rod that requires 100% force to bend, but with 80% force using
the entire rod.
Furthermore, since the distance is determined by the return force of the rod,
you can get 100% or more distance than before.
These characteristics help the angler to continue casting.

In addition, the fact that the rod is easy to bend means that even if the lure is light,
you can place the weight firmly on the blank and use the recovery force to cast,
ensuring sufficient casting distance.
And during a fight, this recovery force prevents you from losing tension and
allows you to keep applying pressure.

※One of the improvements in the new Blue Sniper is the “less wobble” after casting.

The strength brought about by this recovery force is necessary in all aspects of
actual fishing, such as casting, fighting, and lure operation, and can be said
to be a characteristic that helps anglers.

“Bend well, Land well”

These words, which can be said to be the origin of YAMAGA Blanks,
apply to all of YB rods, and are created based on the idea that
“a rod only produces power when it bends.”
This is true for all rods, from the Blue Current series that targets horse mackerel
and rockfish to the Blue Sniper Boat series that targets tuna over 100kg.

We are not saying that a stiff rod that doesn’t bend is bad.

However, we believe that the ability to “bend” a rod well is a very important
element, and we believe that it is especially necessary for harsh rocky shore
casting games.

Bend the rod to cast, bend to move the lure, and bend to fight.
By setting the type of power and recovery force to match this bend to the lure
and fish, a lure rod that supports the angler is created.
The new Blue Sniper is a series that allows you to experience the essence of
“Bend well, Land well”.

“Introduction by each model”

Let’s briefly introduce each model.

The Blue Sniper series consists of a total of 5 models, 3 all-round types
based on power, and 2 plug types specialized for diving pencils.
This lineup is also a point we paid particular attention to with the
new Blue Sniper, and the simple structure is due to the fact that all models
are compatible with a wide range of lure types and weights.

“Type: All-rounder”

The three all-rounder models have a blank design that can basically be used with
both plugs and metal jigs.
All three models are highly versatile models, and the development concept was to
reduce the number of units carried into the field and aim for a model that could
instantly respond to strategies tailored to the situation at hand.

103ML-M / All-rounder

As a main rod for nearshore waters, this model is designed for fishing from small
blue runner to yellowtail up to 10kg.
It has finesse performance that can handle situations where it only responds to
small lures, and has strong butt power and is highly versatility.
■Lure: Plug 20~50g / Jig Max 80g
■Line: MAX PE 3

100M-MH / All-rounder

While inheriting the concept of the previous model 100MH from nearshore waters to
remote islands, this model has been redesigned to improve smooth casting
performance and lure maneuverability by making the tip more delicate, making it a
pillar of the series.
■Lure: Plug 30~80g / Jig Max 120g
■Line: MAX PE 4

96H / Allrounder Extreme

It was developed with the aim of being a model specialized for general-purpose
performance and high response performance, rather than a jig-specific model.
We have completed a new dimension H class rod as a special model that can make
long cast with a small motion that makes use of its short length, and can fully
demonstrate its potential even on rough rocks or rocks with no back space.
■Lure: Jig Max 150g / Plug 60~120g
■Line: MAX PE 6

“Type: Plug”

Two plug types are available, and a new long length 109MH that was not available
in the previous lineup has been added. The characteristics of the plug model are the
flexibility of the tip that allows automatic operation of a diving pencil that requires
good action performance in water entanglement, and the light and long casting
performance of the large plug.

PL109MH / Plug

The MH and H classes are essential as plugging models for shore casting game,
which have now become mainstream, and we have added a long-length MH class
plugging model that was not in the previous lineup. What we were looking for was
long-distance casting performance, and by combining smooth action performance,
we created a plugging model that allow you to manipulate plug more delicately.
■Lure: Plug 30~80g / Jig Comfort ~80g
■Line: MAX PE 4

PL106H / Plug

Although this model has the same length and power description as the previous
lineup, it has been developed with the essential performance of improving casting
performance. In order to respond to the current situation where large top plugs are
being used more frequently, we have realized the light casting feel of large plugs.
■Lure: Plug 50~120g / Jig Comfort ~100g
■Line: MAX PE 6

“To support anglers demonstrate their skills to the fullest.”

In the shore casting game, which has rapidly developed and evolved over the past
few years, elements such as “power” and “high casting performance” are now

However, the reality of shore casting game is that just because tackle has evolved
doesn’t mean that fishing results have become much better.

Catching a huge sized fish is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
And get some luck couples of times in dozens of fishing trip.
That is how we think the rocky shore casting game like.

However, we have created a rod that can support anglers who have dreams of fishing
and continue to do the harsh shore fishing game to maximize their skills and expand
their possibilities even a little.

The new Blue Sniper series is filled with such thoughts.


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