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【2023 New Model】Calista ~Characteristic~

We want to introduce you to” New Calista”.

■What is Calista?
①The long-anticipated renewal of the Calista with eging specific material selection & design
Our Mission was to surpass the already well-known & loved Calista, surpassing such a high degree of perfection was a challenge that
was ultimately completed through higher scrutiny of material & blank design.
Our objectives for the latest Calista are higher sensitivity, better casting distance, high operability & high response performance for
the latest Calista.

②A Rod of unparalleled strength with minimal effort applied
A lineup to pursue the ease of fishing that reduces fishing fatigue on the anglers’ wrists and elbows. In other words, Minimal effort ‒ Calista ‒ Higher Output.

③Combining the best of both worlds’ strength yet responsive
Contrary to its suppleness, it has a sharpness, and the blank speed in restoration and convergence is very fast and powerful.
While achieving increased cast distance and improved operability, it also has a strong resilience that quickly lifts while
absorbing jet injection.

■Tackle setting
①Refinement of the power in the blank to maximize the advantages of light PE line
In the modern eging scene, line weights and reel sizes have been reduced, which calls upon the need for refinement of the power in the
blank to harness the benefits.
The blank has been refined to bend and help assist the line when under heavy load to prevent unnecessary line breakages.

②Casting effectively and effortlessly through enhanced blank performance
The new Calista blank we have developed has been refined for casting with lighter PE lines, so less effort is required to load the
blank when compared to the previous model of Calista. A loaded blank has a better trajectory and is easier to launch lure further even
under the effects of wind.

■2023 New Calista Characteristic

■ Characteristics of each model

Let’s see Calista performance comparison chart!

Explanation of different characteristics and improvements of each individual model of the latest
Calista with “Heightened sensitivity”, “Improved Castability”, “Increased Response”, and “Added Strength” to handle squids of 2kg+

We hope you find a suitable model for your style!