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Over Head model of Ballistick series for seabass game will be debuted.
Use our skills of design techniques to build these overhead models which have been loaded high accuracy of casting and high sensitivity.
We release 4 models that will enable anglers to cast more accurately than spinning model while reducing noise of splash down, easier to manipulate lures such as floating and sinking minnow at your will, cast wooden lures long distance with stable posture and start taking action as soon as lure is splash down without any stress.
73ML which is good for Small sized rivers, 85M which is basic model for Mid~Big sized rivers, 93M which will cover not only seabass game on the river but also light jigging game from surf and 710XH which is special tuned for seabass game with BigBait lures.
These are of course designed for seabass game, but the potential that is hidden inside of these blanks will be brought out if you wish to.
We believe that you are going to be ready for new stage of seabass game with Ballistick Overhead models.

Ballistick Bait Comparison (Load 1kg)

These are comparison images of Ballistick series which are loaded 500g weight to tip. (Angle of rod・Approx.37°) 
Photogram of rods with gray color are overhead models. All blanks of Ballistick series except both overhead model 73ML and 710XH have been loaded carbon material called NANOALLOY® technology from TORAY.
Bending curve when you cast and hooked will be deferent from these images because of characteristic of blanks which are made of NANOALLOY® technology from TORAY.
Although you might feel that rod is bending well when you fight, does not seems like it from the outside occasionally. Blanks made of NANO alloy will be followed in a moment when it is loaded and will be returned instantly thanks to high repulsion force. You will be able to pull fish up to surface easily if you could make use of this characteristic.
※These images are not illustrated on the full potential or characteristics of rods. Please understand that these pictures are taken under the limited situation, it was loaded with weight on rods gentry.